$2000 Giveaway: 17 Eco-Friendly Brands You Need To Know

Welcome to our latest giveaway! We're excited to announce that we're partnering with some of the best eco-friendly brands out there to bring you a selection of gift cards that will help you reduce your environmental impact while still enjoying the things you love.

Whether you're looking to upgrade your wardrobe, improve your home, or just need some inspiration for your next adventure, these gift cards will give you the freedom to choose the perfect eco-friendly products that fit your lifestyle. So, if you're ready to make a difference and win some awesome prizes, read on to learn more about participating brands and find out how you can enter!

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*Giveaway is open from January 19-24, 2023

6 Eco Friendly Brands6 Eco Friendly Businesses Participating in Giveaway

$200 Gift Card
The future of textiles is circular. ANIÁN transforms post-consumer textiles into beautiful and functional garments that are truly built to last.

Carbon Neutral Club
$100 Gift Card
Carbon Neutral Club Gift Cards are the best gift for friends, family, and our planet. Give the gift of climate action by offsetting the carbon footprint of your loved ones, and give them year-round savings at sustainable brands.

$100 Gift Card 
Culthread is a slow fashion brand that makes quality lifestyle jackets and bags to be worn and treasured forever - our mission is to be ethical and sustainable for people, animals and the planet.

Eclipse Coffee Roasters 
$100 Gift Card
Eclipse is a specialty coffee roaster with a focus on quality and sustainability.

$150 Gift Card
Ecologyst is more than an apparel brand. We tell stories of natural explorations and highlight the journey to living a more sustainable, intentional life. ecologyst makes clothing in North America using all-natural fibers and pays our people a family living wage. We believe in owning fewer, better quality pieces made from nature, for nature. To keep things circular, products are built to last and come with repairs for life.

Elate Beauty
$100 Gift Card
Elate is a refillable cosmetics brand that puts people and the planet first. Vegan, Cruelty-Free, and B CORP certified, Elate is dedicated to creating high-performing products with ethical ingredients, sustainable packaging, and responsible marketing.

$100 Gift Card
Everist makes hair and body concentrates for eco-optimists. Their future-friendly formulas are 3x concentrated and 10x award-winning, housed in 100% recycled aluminum tubes and formulated in a base of skincare ingredients to help you expect more, and waste less.

Goldilocks Goods
$150 Gift Card
At Goldilocks we make eco-friendly goods that are practical and beautiful to inspire a plastic free lifestyle. Our foundational product, reusable beeswax food wrap, has helped to eliminate over 10 million square feet of plastic wrap from entering our landfills and waterways.

Guests on Earth
$100 Gift Card
Guests on Earth is a female-founded, Toronto-based home care company on a mission to transform daily cleaning routines into delightful rituals that restore the balance between people and the planet. Our counter-worthy reusable aluminum vessels and small-format, all-natural refills work to reduce environmental impact and elevate each product experience.

Happy Earth Apparel 
$100 Gift Card
Happy Earth is a sustainable lifestyle apparel brand dedicated to putting the planet first. Championing organic cotton, they specialize in planet-friendly and nature-inspired comfortwear.

$115 Gift Card
Nixit is a leading Canadian period care brand creating quality products with vaginas and the planet in mind. Its hero product is a revolutionary, suction-free disc-style menstrual cup, registered with the FDA and authorized for sale by Health Canada. Its aim is to nix period product waste—over 4.9 million pounds have been diverted from landfills thus far—and the stigma historically associated with menstruation.

Pela Case
$150 Gift Card
Pela creates Everyday Products Without Everyday Waste™, starting with the World’s First Compostable Phone Case. Pela is on a mission to create a waste-free future and, more specifically, eliminate 1 billion pounds of waste from ever being made by 2028.

Propeller Coffee
$100 Gift Card
Founded in 2013 with a vision of responsibly sourcing and roasting the highest quality green coffee using the most sustainable practices, Propeller Coffee Co. is Canada’s first B-Corp certified micro-roaster. From farm to roastery to cup - we know that it takes a community to make great coffee.

Ring Bear David
$100 Gift Card
RING BEAR is the first carbon neutral assortment of men's wedding bands and gifts. Our inclusively priced range of men's wedding bands are designed to be extremely comfortable and fit into his everyday lifestyle.

Tamga Designs
$100 Gift Card
TAMGA Designs is a sustainable women’s lifestyle brand. We believe in a bright future for fashion, people and the planet, so we create clothing that respects all three.

The Bare Home
$100 Gift Card
The Bare Home is an Eco-Sustainable Cleaning and Personal Care Collection, proud to offer effective products that are safe for you, your home + the planet. Our unique At-Home Refill Stations offer sustainability without sacrificing beautiful design.

World Salon
$150 Gift Card
The only salon in Canada that heats water from the sun. Our focus on sustainability and health also attracts many who are interested in “beautiful hair without a toxic hangover.”Your go-to for eco-friendly hair grooming with environmentally safe products and market items for you to enjoy.


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