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Article: A Peek Into Our Loyalty Program Goodie Box

A Peek Into Our Loyalty Program Goodie Box

A Peek Into Our Loyalty Program Goodie Box

I'm thrilled to introduce our exclusive Goldilocks Goodie Box, a treasure trove of brands we love, use in our day to day lives and want to share with you!

Limited to the first 50 people who join our new Loyalty Program, this box is a testament to our commitment to eco-friendly living and our adoration for small, local businesses that share our ethos. From nourishing self care to refreshing home essentials, each item in this box has been thoughtfully selected.

Keep reading to learn more about the products themselves as well as the community and connections behind them.

Boreal Folk: Huckleberry Lip Butter

I can't quite pinpoint when Raph & Mark of Boreal Folk and I first crossed paths, but their ethos of conscious living has resonated with me since day one. Their Huckleberry Lip Butter is a staple in my life - I keep one on my nightstand, one in my bathroom and one at work at all times! Raph's hand-foraged huckleberries lend this balm its delightful tint, and the nourishing blend is housed in a plastic-free cardboard tube, making it a cherished part of the Goodie Box.

Everist: Body Wash Concentrate Travel Mini

Did you know most body washes are more than 70% water, made from petrochemicals and packed in single-use plastic? Everist is body care meets skincare. They took out the water, packed in the skincare ingredients and concentrated it down into a rich cream to make a product that is better for the planet and amazing for your skin.This mini tin of Body Wash Concentrate is a nod to their philosophy of less is more, making it a perfect companion for travel or a mindful at-home spa day.

Fernwood Coffee: Instant Coffee

Fernwood isn't just a place; it's where the roots of Goldilocks Goods intertwine with personal milestones. It was in this vibrant neighborhood where Goldilocks began to grow, that I found my first true sense of community in Victoria. The scent of freshly brewed coffee from The Parsonage, Fernwood Coffee's original haunt, was a constant companion as I navigated the early days of entrepreneurship. Their Instant Coffee, a harmonious blend capturing the essence of those cherished mornings, is more than just a convenience for travel or outdoor escapades; it's a sip of nostalgia, a reminder of where we've been and how far we've come.

Good Juju: Laundry Detergent Strips

Connecting with Lisa and Alexa from Good Juju felt like finding kindred spirits in the vast world of sustainable entrepreneurship. Their dedication to creating plastic-free, eco-friendly alternatives sparked endless discussions and a shared dream for a greener future. Carrying their shampoo and conditioner bars in our shop was a natural step, as they were by far the best bars I had tried and a great way to round out our own haircare line. I use their Laundry Detergent Strips in my own home, and am excited to share another one of their products with you.

Lomi: 15% Off Discount

Every day at Goldilocks we use our Lomi and witness the magic of turning what was once food waste into nutrient-rich earth. To date, the Lomi Community has diverted nearly 340 million pounds of waste from landfills. That’s pretty impressive. This partnership between Goldilocks and Lomi isn't just about products; it's a shared vision for a greener planet and less food waste. With a special 15% discount for our Goodie Box recipients, it's an invitation to join this transformative journey.

Lumia Botanicals: Essential Oil Blend Roller

My introduction to Lumia Botanicals and the brilliant mind behind it, Mia Ocolisanu, was nothing short of enlightening. With a profound grasp of Ayurveda's ancient wisdom, Mia crafts products that are a true testament to the holistic approach to wellness. Each Essential Oil Blend Roller from Lumia is a miniature sanctuary, embodying balance and well-being with every scent crafted to cater to diverse moods and needs. Having one of these rollers at hand is like holding a personal, natural remedy, ready to bring peace or energy at a moment's notice.

Mint Cleaning: Mini Cleansing Mist

Mint Cleaning is a fellow female founded, Vancouver Island eco-friendly business. Despite being on the island, Robyn and Monika are a few hours away so to date, our paths have only intertwined virtually. I look forward to an in-person meeting that's soon to come, where we'll no doubt exchange stories, laughs, and perhaps brainstorm the next big idea in eco-friendly living.

Their Mini Cleansing Mist, with its invigorating blend of grapefruit, lemongrass, and vetiver, will uplift and refresh any room or linens needing a little extra love.

Pela Case: 20% Off Discount

My journey with Pela Case began years ago, drawn to their similar ethos of beauty and sustainability. This BC-based company has redefined what it means to protect your phone, offering cases that are not just durable but also compostable. (You can even put it in your Lomi!). And now, 20% off for our Goodie Box enthusiasts, it's an opportunity to embrace sustainability in style. 

Picot Collective: Bath Soak Mini

The story of how I met Britt from Picot Collective is one for the books – it's intertwined with serendipity and the kind of connection that feels fated. Britt, much like her brand, exudes warmth and a profound sense of community. It was through her that I met so many incredible people in our local small business circle, including my business partner, Brett. Her Honey Tobacco scent, now a cult favorite, is more than just an aroma; it's a signature of comfort and connection. These Bath Soak Minis, particularly the Honey Tobacco, carry the essence of those initial, memorable encounters and are a nod to the power of community and shared values.

Exclusive from Goldilocks Goods

  • Beeswax Wrap Greens Bag: A sneak peek into our upcoming innovation, designed to keep your greens fresher for longer.
  • Reusable Beeswax Food Wrap: Featuring a unique onion print, this wrap is a nod to our ongoing mission to provide practical, eco-friendly solutions.
  • Sea Salt Spray Travel Mini: A Goodie Box exclusive, our Sea Salt Spray is the essence of Goldilocks Goods, combining the power of nature with sustainable beauty.

The Goldilocks Goodie Box is more than a collection of products; it's a narrative of passion, sustainability, and community woven together by like-minded souls. As we share these treasures with you, our loyal supporters, we hope to ignite a spark that brings you joy. Join our Loyalty Program to claim your piece of this collective journey, and together, let's make a difference together.


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