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Article: Designer Highlight: Meet Kourtni!

Designer Highlight: Meet Kourtni!
beeswax wraps

Designer Highlight: Meet Kourtni!

We were so fortunate to work with Kourtni Gunn, a Surface Pattern Designer from BC, on the Bumble Bee Meadow Set of 3 and Pink Daisies Single Medium from our latest beeswax wrap pattern launch!

We asked Kourtni to answer a few questions so that you could get to know her more! Keep reading to hear what inspired these designs and how you can see more of her work.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and 3 fun facts people may not know about you?

I was born and raised in a small town in BC (Aldergrove) and have three young children, Lucy, Charlie and June.
3 fun facts about me: 
  1. My husband and I grew up in the same town and went to the same school but never met until our high school reunion!
  2. I travelled a lot after high school and now me and my family like to camp as much as we can!
  3. A few years ago we started a big garden where we grow berries, fruit trees, veggies and wildflowers for the bees!

How did you become a designer? Specifically, a surface pattern designer, since it is such a niche subset of design that I think a lot of people aren’t aware of.

I've always been a creative, crafty person but never considered myself an artist. A few years ago I decided to try watercolour for fun and I really fell in love. I was randomly listening to a podcast one day with a surface pattern designer on it (Jenna Rainey) and it really clicked for me that this was something I could do for a career. 
I ended up taking her online course called Brand+Brand where I learned how to turn my artwork into repeat patterns to be used on products. Since then I've started drawing digitally, and have licensed my artwork to brands all around Canada and the US.

Beeswax wraps designed by Kourtni Gunn

How did you hear about Goldilocks Goods, and what drew you to want to collaborate with us?

I heard about Goldilocks Goods through Instagram and immediately knew you were someone I wanted to work with. Over the last few years I have made many changes in my life to reduce our waste, like using beeswax wraps, reusable bags and cloth diapers. I also have so many designs that include bees and flowers that I just knew would be a perfect fit for Goldilocks!

Can you talk about the inspiration behind the specific designs you created for our beeswax wraps?

My inspiration for the designs I created for these wraps was my own yard! I love bees and wildflowers and especially daisies! I often go outside and just take pictures of flowers and plants to draw later.

What do you hope customers will feel or experience when they use the beeswax wraps with your designs on them?

I hope that customers feel joy when they see the bright, summery colours and cute florals and bees, and pride knowing that they're making a difference in the world by reducing their waste!

How can fans of your work connect with you or see more of your designs?

Fans can see more of my designs and upcoming collabs on my Instagram page 
My website has a link to my Etsy shop where I sell wrapping paper, art prints, stickers and cards!
I also have a puzzle launching this August with Villager Puzzles with my popular Mushrooms design. Visit to get on the list!
Thanks, Kourtni!

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