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Article: Quick + Easy Eco Gift Wrapping

Quick + Easy Eco Gift Wrapping

Quick + Easy Eco Gift Wrapping

It should come as no surprise that I love eco-friendly alternatives, but ones that are easy to use and beautiful are what really make my heart sing! There's a long list of eco-friendly gift wrap options out there, but I'm going to share my Top 4 Favourites that are quick & easy plus require no tape, paper or scissors!

1) Fabric Wrap

Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese cloth used to transport many kinds of gifts and goods from books to lunches. You don't have to use a traditional silk for this, you can use any fabric large enough that you may have lying around the house - even an old t-shirt will do! If you want to have the fabric be a kind of 'gift outside a gift' you could use a linen dishtowel (like we did below) that will be used for years to come.

I've outlined a very simple wrapping technique below, but for some more advanced techniques, watch this tutorial.

furoshiki how to zero waste gift wrap

furoshiki how to zero waste gift wrap

furoshiki how to zero waste gift wrapzero waste Christmas gift wrapping

zero waste Christmas how to

eco friendly gift wrapping

 2) Beeswax Wraps

Quite possibly the fastest way to wrap presents, beeswax wraps make an amazing gift wrap! Especially if the gift you are giving is some kind of food related item. Another gift within a gift!

beeswax wraps as gift wrap

beeswax wrap bread storage goldilocksbeeswax wraps zero waste eco friendly Christmas holiday 

3) Produce Bags

Many companies are now making reusable cloth produce bags that can be found at your local health or zero waste store (or online). Simply pop your gift into the bag and pull the drawstring closed - voila! You're done. The bag can then be used to replace plastic bags in the produce section, a double win!

produce bags zero waste Christmasproduce bags as gift wrap with beeswax wraps by Goldilocks

eco friendly gift wrap tips

 4) Kraft Paper

Last on the list because it requires slightly more work than the former (i.e. you need scissors and twine) but Kraft paper is still a great option nonetheless! This may come as a surprise (it was to me!) but regular wrapping paper is often not able to be recycled. There are many reasons that range from lamination and foil to being too thin to have useful fibres to actually reuse. Kraft paper (or any plain paper) can be recycled or even composted.

The key thing here is to try and resist the urge to use tape! Wrap and use twine instead to hold everything in place.

Kraft paper gift wrap


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