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Article: Everything You Need to Know About Refreshing Your Beeswax Wraps

Everything You Need to Know About Refreshing Your Beeswax Wraps

Everything You Need to Know About Refreshing Your Beeswax Wraps

Have you noticed your beloved beeswax wraps losing their cling? It's not the end of their eco-friendly journey just yet! With our Beeswax Wrap Refresher Bar, you can bring them back to life and extend their usefulness. Let's dive into how you can reinvigorate your wraps with a fresh, sticky seal.

What Is a Beeswax Wrap Refresher Bar?
Our Beeswax Wrap Refresher Bar is your go-to solution when your wraps start to show their age. Crafted with our signature blend of beeswax, tree rosin, and jojoba oil, this bar is designed to refresh approximately 10-20 wraps, giving them new life and restoring their natural stickiness.

Why Choose Our Refresher Bar?
Our mixture is perfectly balanced to ensure your wraps retain their flexibility and stickiness, just like when they were new. Plus, the use of jojoba oil in our bars means you're applying a substance that's great for your wraps and safe for your family.

How to Use the Beeswax Wrap Refresher Bar

Here's a simple guide to using the refresher bar:

1. Gather Your Materials

  • An old beeswax wrap
  • Parchment paper (not wax paper, as it can melt and ruin your wraps)
  • A cheese grater
  • An iron
  • An ironing board or a towel laid flat on a heat-resistant surface
2. Preparation
  • Begin by grating a small amount of the refresher bar—just enough to cover the wrap lightly.
3. Application
  • Spread the grated mixture evenly across your beeswax wrap.
  • Sandwich the wrap between two sheets of parchment paper.
4. Ironing
  • Gently run a warm iron over the parchment paper. You'll see the wax melting and spreading.
  • Continue ironing until the wax has fully melted and is evenly dispersed across the wrap.
5. Drying
  • Peel back the top layer of parchment.
  • Pick up the wrap by two corners and hold it up to dry, which should take just a few moments.
6 steps to refreshing your beeswax wrap

Tips for Best Results
Start with less wax mixture than you think you need. Ensure that the wax is melted and spread evenly before removing the wrap from between the parchment papers. If you notice any uneven areas, cover with parchment and continue using the iron. For any uncoated areas, apply more grated wax mixture to those areas and repeat for a smooth application.

Don't let your favorite beeswax wraps lose their grip. With our easy-to-use Beeswax Wrap Refresher Bar, you can extend the life of your wraps and continue to make an eco-friendly difference. Ready to get your wraps back to their best? Grab your Refresher Bar today and join us in our mission to keep the planet plastic-free, one refreshed wrap at a time. 

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