Zero Waste Kitchen Essentials

Zero Waste Kitchen Essentials by Goldilocks Wraps

1) Mason Jars⠀

One of the most versatile kitchen essentials, you can use them for storing bulk dry goods, taking liquids on the go (hello morning coffee thrown into a backpack!) or use to freeze food⠀

2) Bulk Soap⠀

A glass container with soap pump not only looks good on your counter, it also helps reduce plastic. Simply fill up with bulk hand soap or dish soap. Dry dishwasher detergent can also be purchased in bulk⠀

3) Reusable Containers⠀

Most of us have these kicking around so be sure to use the ones you've got! But if you need to buy new, aim for glass or metal containers⠀

4) Fabric Produce Bags⠀

I use these mostly for filling up with bulk because carting the glass jars around can be heavy (Then transfer when I get home). But they're also great for fruits and veg at the grocery store, but if we're being honest I usually just dump everything loose into my cart 😅⠀

5) Natural Bristle Brush⠀

These are great for cleaning dishes and can be purchased in various densities (kind of like a toothbrush!) I recommend a softer one for daily use and a harder one for scrubbing pots and pans⠀

6) Cloth Napkins⠀

Not only are cloth napkins resuable, they can also do double duty as tea towels and dish cloths⠀

7) Beeswax Wraps⠀

I always say you can do just about anything with a mason jar and a beeswax wrap on hand. Store food, cover bowls or make snack pockets - the possibilities are endless. Plus they help keep your food fresh for longer!⠀

8) Reusable Cloth Bag⠀

#nomoreplastic #banthebag

9) Reusable Tea Bag⠀

You can find metal or fabric reusable tea steepers to be used with loose leaf tea. One of my favourite loose leaf tea companies is @murchiestea

10) Coffee⠀

French presses, pour over coffee, reusable filters - the options are endless. Just please, please, PLEASE stay away from single use coffee pods ⠀

11) Reusable Snack Bags⠀

You can make a snack pocket out of our beeswax wraps or use cloth or silicone to help replace plastic baggies in the kitchen⠀