11 Ways to Use Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is a nutrient-rich oil that breathes life into your body and hair. It’s a versatile powerhouse, naturally infused with Vitamins B, C & E as well as Copper and Zinc minerals. It’s also anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal. Here’s the cool thing about jojoba oil and why it’s such a miracle beauty product - it’s not actually an oil, it’s technically a wax ester that’s similar to the sebum produced by our skin naturally. Packaged in glass, this multi-purpose product is a great way to reduce your plastic use without compromising on high-quality body and haircare. Here are just some of our favourite ways to use it. 

Hair Oil

Bring dry ends back to life, especially between trims, by applying jojoba oil to the ends of your hair when damp or dry. Alternatively, finish off your daily style by taking a pea-sized amount and rubbing it between your palms before smoothing it onto your completed look. Jojoba oil coats your strands and will add shine and dimension. 

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 Beard Oil

Jojoba oil is a wonderful beard oil that will infuse moisture into facial hair. Carry the excess oil up your beard and apply it to your skin to moisturize dry spots under your beard.

Body Oil

Take a pump or two of jojoba oil and rub the palms of your hands together before working the oil over your skin. Apply a little more to places that require an extra hit of moisture (dry patches, elbows, eczema etc.) Jojoba oil absorbs quickly and doesn’t sit on top of your skin leaving an oily residue. 

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Cuticle Oil

Take a small pump of jojoba oil and work it into your cuticles to help repair damage and maintain healthy and happy hands.

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 Carrier Oil

Jojoba oil makes an excellent carrier oil for your essential oils. Use it as a base for roll-ons and then add your oils of choice. Alternatively, add it to homemade body scrubs to infuse extra moisture. 

Conditioning Treatment

Are you between cuts and looking for a serious moisture infusion on dry ends? Apply a liberal amount of jojoba oil to your dry ends and comb through. We like to twist it up into a bun while we wait. Let it soak in overnight or throughout a lazy Sunday and then wash it out. Unlike other products and oils, jojoba oil actually works to infuse life back into your hair. 

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Sunburn Relief

Jojoba oil is rich in Vitamin E, antioxidants and is anti-inflammatory, making it a powerful treatment to soothe sunburned skin. Just apply it to the affected area.

Makeup Remover

Break down stubborn eye makeup with jojoba oil by applying it to your fingers and working it over mascara, liner and shadow and then washing your face. Alternatively, use it directly on a reusable cotton round to wipe away makeup residue. 

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Scalp Treatment

Dry, flaky scalp? Massage jojoba oil straight to your scalp before bed (dry or damp hair) and cover with a shower cap. In the morning, hop into the shower and easily wash it out with shampoo. 

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Heat protectant

While it may seem counterintuitive to apply oil to your hair before applying heat, remember, jojoba oil is not actually an oil, it’s wax ester! Emulating the sebum our skin produces, jojoba oil works to coat your strands to lock in moisture and shine, which also creates a barrier from heat. 

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Jojoba oil is safe to use on littles! It’s non-toxic and helps with dry skin, eczema, cradle cap and more. 

Traditional skin and body products are filled with unknown ingredients, usually packaged in plastic and are just generally masking instead of repairing. We truly love using jojoba oil in our daily routines and are certain you will too. Ready to give jojoba oil a try? You can order yours here.


Images captured by Rachael Alexandra