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Article: Four Simple Ways to Reduce Your Plastic Use

Four Simple Ways to Reduce Your Plastic Use
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Four Simple Ways to Reduce Your Plastic Use

Plastic Free July is a month dedicated to bringing awareness to lowering plastic use. It’s about progress, not perfection. However, let’s ensure we don’t lose momentum after the month has passed. Lowering your waste is a journey, not a destination. It needs to be done over time in a way that is sustainable for you and your lifestyle, otherwise, it will not be sustained. 

Flow Through Your Routine Consciously

Being a conscious consumer starts with refusing unnecessary plastics. As you go through your daily life, identify where you’ve traditionally used plastic and ask yourself whether it’s necessary. Do those vegetables really need to be placed in a plastic bag? Can you simply keep your vegetables loose in the shopping cart instead? Think about how you flow through your routine. Will you stop for coffee en route to work and run errands on the way home? Where will your day lead you and have you set yourself up for success by packing your reusable mug and tote bag? Be conscious of the way your life flows to ensure you have what you need to refuse single-use plastics along the way.

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Image of Goldilocks Goods x The Market Bags fabric produce bags


Choose Glass Over Plastic

It may seem simple but when you have the choice between a glass option and a plastic option, choose the glass option! Whether you’re purchasing pasta sauce, Nutella, peanut butter and more, there is usually a glass option available, no matter the store. Plastic will never biodegrade, it will just break down into smaller and smaller particles (microplastics,) never leaving the earth. While you’ll be more likely to reuse or upcycle glass, it’s also the more sustainable option as it can break down overtime.

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Image of Om Organics skin care products, packaged in glass


Take an Audit of Your Routines

When you go through a routine, take a mental note of the products you use packaged in plastic and what single-use items you use. Is there an alternative you can find packaged in glass or in a zero waste format? As you finish up products, replace them with more sustainable options where possible. Talk to your friends and family, seek recommendations and referrals for eco-friendly products and companies. There are so many amazing alternatives popping up every day, making it more accessible than ever to live an eco-friendly lifestyle without compromising on quality and usability. 

Zero Waste| Glass Packaging | Glass | Eco-friendly | Haircare Image of Goldilocks Sea Salt Spray, packaged in glass


Repurpose and Reuse Plastic Items

Instead of recycling plastic items like household cleaning containers or beauty products etc. clean them out and reuse them where possible. Refilleries can help you refill plastic bottles with everyday items like cleaning supplies, skincare and beauty products! Using what you have is a great way to reduce your plastic waste.

Zero Waste, Eco-Friendly

Image of Koko Shop's refillery section

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