5 Easy Recipes for Back to School

The start of September brings about change not only in the seasons, but also in our lives. The temperatures begin to cool, vacations come to an end and the haze of summer lifts as we all shift back to “reality”. 

Whether you are heading back for another semester of post secondary, or have kids going to grade school, the back to school season can be a great time to settle into a routine. In this blog post, we’ve gathered and tested out 5 different recipes that we love that are great for meal prepping!

Prepping meals for the week can save you a ton of time, headaches and money while and ensuring that you are getting proper nutrition during potentially stressful times (like when studying for midterms and finals). Another benefit of meal prepping is that it can help you reduce your food waste and packaging you might have accumulated from take-out meals.

The recipes we chose for this post follow a plant-based diet, but feel free to adjust the protein sources to your preferences. Any plant based swap for animal protein can have a big impact on your carbon footprint, even if it’s just once or twice a week! 

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Breakfast: Cherry Pie Overnight Oats by Veggiekins

Overnight oats are a super easy breakfast meal prep that is also tasty! Loaded with fiber, this breakfast is fuelling you to get through your busy day. This recipe is fantastic because it blends cherries with your milk of choice, making the entire bowl flavourful. Optional here is to include a scoop of protein powder of your choice or nut butter, if you’re looking to get in a bit more protein! 

For full recipe & instructions, click here

    Lunch (option 1): Vegan Chickpea Tuna Salad by Jessica In The Kitchen 

    This vegan tuna salad recipe is absolutely delicious, filled with protein, and can be dressed up with sprouts, salad greens or tomatoes, or eaten on its own. Serve it inside a sandwich, on toast, with crackers or in a lettuce wrap! If you’re a fan of the flavors of tuna salad or chicken salad, you will love this recipe. Plus it keeps fresh in the fridge all week! 

    For full recipe & instructions, click here

      Lunch (option 2): Vegetarian Bean and Rice Burrito by The Spruce Eats

      Burritos are such a great way to pack a bunch of protein and fiber into one wrap. And what’s better is that you can use whatever you have in your fridge to put your own unique spin on it. In our video, we added bell peppers to the beans but you could add anything like spinach, kale, celery, zucchini, cauliflower… seriously anything! 

      Also, if you want to elevate the rice in this recipe, check out this recipe for Cilantro Lime Rice on the FeedFeed. It takes a little bit more time and effort but it’s so worth it. 

      And lastly, this recipe can also be easily adapted into a burrito bowl! Forget the wraps, and add chopped kale or your favorite leafy green, serve with pickled onions, a spoonful of salsa, avocado, and a lime wedge! 

      For full recipe & instructions, click here



      Snack: How to Make a Snack Pocket 

      Something you might not have known you can do with your beeswax wraps is to make them into a snack pocket. They’re great for when you’re packing light because once you’re done with whatever's inside, you can fold up your beeswax wrap leaving space in your back!

      Check out the video below for a beeswax wrap snack pocket tutorial.

      Sweet Snack: Healthy Rice Crispy Treats by Detoxinista

      Conventional marshmallows that you find in the grocery store can sometimes have a long list of ingredients that you may or may not be able to pronounce. If you’re looking for something similar to rice krispies, a popular snack for children (and adults, why not!), we’ve loved this recipe that omits marshmallows. 

      For full recipe & instructions, click here.

        What to do with your used beeswax wraps?

        For proper care and instructions on how to clean and properly store beeswax wraps, check out our blog post How to Care for Your Reusable Beeswax Wraps

        Many people ask us whether cold water and soap is enough to kill bacteria. We’ve done the research to ensure this method of cleaning is safe, and compiled it into this recent blog post