Low Waste Travel Tips

Being a conscious traveller starts with being a conscious consumer. You can start by getting in tune with the way your routine flows and how it will ebb while you travel, then packing accordingly. This will help you refuse unnecessary waste along the way thereby keeping the places you explore as pristine as you found them. Here are some of our low-waste travel essentials. 

Reusable Water Bottle

Pack a reusable water bottle and simply fill it up at water filtration stations. You can even bring a reusable water bottle on flights as long as it’s empty when you go through security. If space is an issue, we recommend investing in a collapsable one.

Zero waste, eco-friendlyImage via Kinto

Reusable Coffee Mug

If your routine includes morning coffee, either opt to enjoy your morning beverage in or pack a reusable coffee mug. We love ones that are insulated and leakproof like Kinto’s so our beverages stay hot all day. Alternatively, invest in one that does double duty like Hitch’s.

Zero Waste, Low Waste Living

 Image via Hitch

Tote Bags

Reusable bags and tote bags are multi-functional and can be used as an accessory or to carry unexpected items while exploring new places. We never leave the house without one tucked in our purse or under our arm. Bringing one with you on your travels will help to ensure you can refuse single-use bags at boutiques, supermarkets and more. 

Zero Waste, Low Waste Living, Eco-Friendly

 Fabric Produce Bag 

Not just for the grocery store! Exceptionally multi-functional, fabric produce bags have a myriad of uses when travelling. They can be used as packing cubes while in transit for clothes, storage for kids toys to have handy on a road trip, and for bulk snacks and produce upon arrival. They also make great lunch bags when picnicking on a day trip. 

Zero waste, low waste, eco-friendly, sustainable, fabric produce bags

 Beeswax Wraps

We never leave the house without a beeswax wrap or two tossed in our bag. Taking up almost no space and weighing next to nothing, this small item is perfect for a day out exploring a new city or when hiking in the backcountry. They help to ensure bakery treats, quick snacks and more can be easily contained and taken on the go, waste-free. 

Zero Waste, low waste living, eco-friendly

Setting yourself up for success by packing the above items will ensure you can flow through a low-waste routine on the go. Being a conscious traveller can also mean embracing slow travel as you connect intimately with a place, its people and culture.